Align your business, align your work, align your life

Align Your Work is a consulting and coaching company that helps individuals and small business owners achieve their goals (financial AND personal) in a way that aligns their business, Work (yes with a capital W) and life.


Solo and small business owners are often so immersed in the day-to-day operations of the business that they just don’t have time to do the upper-level research, development and analysis that needs to be done in order to scale-up.  Other owners absolutely LOVE doing the Work of their business, but don’t love the research, development and analysis required to keep the business thriving. Working with Michele at Align Your Work is like having an extra business partner who can step in when, where and how your business requires.  The list of services offered is broad, and includes start-up, financial analysis, email and social-network marketing, employee development and team building.


For the business owner who feels like there is no life outside the business, Align Your Work offers work/life balance coaching.  There's so much to do and get done and not enough time to fit it all in. Despite all the doing, what we really need is to spend time BEing - happy, fulfilled and fully present with our family and friends. 

Align Your Work will help you create time in your day to feed your soul and calm your mind. Knowing the many demands on your time, we will help you take simple (not easy) steps involving organization of your time, calendar and space, mindfulness exercises, and resource gathering. Michele, who has been a busy attorney, business owner, yoga teacher, trainer and student, wife and mother of three, will help you find balance and alignment in your business, work and life. 

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