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Michele Taylor worked as an attorney for 10 years in the area of commercial litigation and elder law.   Michele and her husband own a real estate investing company and a successful medical practice, all of which Michele manages.  Using her legal and business knowledge, Michele has helped clients start-up companies in the health and wellness industry.  She also owned a yoga studio for 7 years and has been teaching yoga 8 years.  She is an E-RYT 1000/RYT 500 registered Yoga Alliance instructor, Tier 2 Certified Baptiste instructor, yoga instructor trainer and leads students in life-transforming programs.

• Most business owners I have worked with know exactly what their company needs for growth; they just don’t have the time to accomplish that growth because they’re doing the work of the company, managing the employees, ordering supplies, running advertising campaigns, bookkeeping and basically trying to do it all on their own.

• I help owners to define clear goals, remove obstacles in their way and develop a realistic path to success.

• I like to think of Align Your Work as a temporary business partner.  We are completely invested in our clients’ success and work side-by-side to accomplish their vision.  

• One of my favorite aspects of my work is developing a connection with the client and their business.  When I can truly understand the challenges the client faces, I can be most effective.  I identify and encourage small shifts in mindset that produce big results, financially and personally.   

• Team-building can be a huge part of a business’s success.  With the growth of online everything, the best way for a brick-and-mortar shop to succeed is to offer what the online experience cannot - human connection.  The mindset and ability to connect with the public or other clients is paramount.  Principles practiced in (the non-physical aspects of) yoga and self-study work help staff hone in on their ability to connect.

We use Pareto’s Principle (the law of 80/20) to help clients grow their business

  • 20% of your time produces 80% of your results (work smarter, not harder)
  • 20% of your work produces 80% of your income (maximize your income by focusing on the highest income-producing tasks)
  • 20% of your clients yield 80% of your profits (focus your marketing efforts on your top clients for greater revenue)
  • 20% of your employees attract 80% of your business (develop your employees to maximize your profits)

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